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The 2008 Sniper Conference event video will be shown regionally on Time Warner Cable's Video on Demand very soon. Specific details and dates will be posted on the home page as soon as they are available.




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Team Awards
Written by Karamarie   
Wednesday, 26 March 2008

2004 Southeastern S.W.A.T. Conference

2002 Southeastern S.W.A.T. Conference

2001 International S.W.A.T. Round-up

1999 International S.W.A.T. Round-up

1998 Southeastern S.W.A.T. Conference

1997 Southeastern S.W.A.T. Conference

1996 Southeastern S.W.A.T. Conference

1995 North Carolina Justice Academy 4th Annual S.R.T. Competition

1994 North Carolina Justice Academy 3rd Annual S.R.T. Competition

1993 North Carolina Justice Academy 2nd Annual S.R.T. Competition

1992 North Carolina Justice Academy 1st Annual S.R.T. Competition

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