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The 2008 Sniper Conference event video will be shown regionally on Time Warner Cable's Video on Demand very soon. Specific details and dates will be posted on the home page as soon as they are available.




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Written by Karamarie   
Saturday, 07 June 2008

This is not a complete list, as many vendors substituted prizes and increased their contributions at the event. Only images and descriptions listed in bold are exact prizes. See the "Prizes by Event" tab for more details about prizes.









Various Illumination Products  Click here for product Images

Insight           Tech - Gear

Hydration Paks - Each competitor will receive a hydration system at registration.    Camelbak
 Gloves    Camelbak
 Hats    Camelbak
 Elixir Tubes    Camelbak
 Water Bottles    Camelbak
511 large kit bag - Each competitor will receive this bag filled with 511 gear.    511 Tactical

Click on the item # to show photo. All knives will be engraved with the conference logo.







SEAL Pup Elite knives (E37T)

Power-lock tools (B63)

Flash II knives (TFSA-98)

SEAL Pup Knives (M37)

Visionary II knives (VS-02)

 SOG Knives
Pelican 1700 Rifle Case    Tactical Support Equipment
 8 x 32 Monoscope  8x32.jpg  Tactical Support Equipment
 IR Indoor Camera  ob240.jpg  Tactical Support Equipment
 Gift Certificates    Krav Maga
 Gift Certificates - $100    Safariland
 Gift Certificates- $300    LaRue Tactical
Milltec- Large Bottle    Milltec
Canister Pop Bore Light    Otis
Canister Pop Blue AP Brush    Otis
Canister Pop Bronze AP Brush    Otis
 Video Instruction DVD's    Otis
Deluxe Law Enforcement Cleaning Kit    Otis
Duty Bag - Each competitor will receive a duty bag filled with Original SWAT gear.     Original SWAT
 Boots   Original SWAT
 Rifle   Bushmaster Custom
 Rifle   Bushmaster Custom 
 The Gorilla Range Bag    ATK
 Deluxe Bi-pod 13"    ATK
 Magnum Gear Bag    ATK
Roll-up Gun Cleaning Kit    ATK
 AR-15 Cleaning Kit    ATK
 8 x 24 Binoculars  0050smallbinocs.jpg  ATK
 10 x 24 Binoculars  0050smallbinocs.jpg  ATK
 Dry-Cell On-Board    Spec Op's
 ID/Badge Holder    Spec Op's
 T.H.E. Wallet    Spec Op's
 Recon Ruck Ultras    Spec Op's
 12 Training Classes    IMT
(2) Smith & Wesson M&P .40    Smith & Wesson
 Knives   Smith & Wesson
 $1,000 in Gift Certificates    Damascus
 (2) Gore-tex Jackets    Blauer
 Friction Defense Gun Oil    Brownells
Protective Ear Covers    Brownells
 Rifle Cases   Hardigg
 $100.00 Gift Certificates    Seekins Precision
(2) Precision Rifle Instructor School Certifications    NRA
Rifle scopes & various other optics.    Leupold
Remington LTR Rifle.    Remington
O.C.R. Carbine rifle   Bushmaster Firearms
Training Certificates     NRA
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